My own stuff:

Sometime around fall of 2015 I started working on a series of solo compositions for bass as a means of getting to know my instrument and my own language better. Bass can simultaneously be incredibly diverse in its sounds and the directions it can go while being very homogeneous in palette. A lot of what I've written has been an attempt to explore and expand on the instruments parameters.

You can stream live from Bandcamp or support the album for just $6. I couldn't fit the last tack onto the website due to file size issues, but if you would like to hear my attempt at a Morton Feldman style piece for solo bass (still sad he never made one) just shoot me an email and I'd be glad to send you the extra track.

Other people's music:

Since arriving at the Peabody Conservatory I've worked with a multitude of both local composers and peers. Contemporary composition (or really any at all) serves to inform the structure of ones improvisation, just as improvisation can inform the performance practices of something through-composed.

From one of my collaborations - the middle movement (and possibly my favorite) of Sean Calhoun's Suite for Solo Double Bass. Had a ton of fun learning this one and it taught me a lot about my

For more of Sean's music: