Photo by Toby Morris, video by Christina Manceor

Photo by Toby Morris, video by Christina Manceor

Eddy 'n' Me

Edwin Huet and I have been collaborating on most everything since formally meeting and jamming together in 2015. Since then, we've partnered on tons of recording projects, multiple composition initiatives and musical/multimedia showcases and even had a few shows here and there. Xiodjiha is probably the simplest of these collaborations, featuring both of us freely improvising. Not much to say about what I play here (it's a bass) but Edwin's setup is designed for both independent use and live-processing, as well as live recording our improvisations, making the duo incredibly flexible in approach.

7 track album (and 4 track live set) available on Bandcamp (linked bellow)


Edwin Huet - Electronics/Live Processing/anything computer related

Alex Fournier - Upright Bass/anything analog